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Unlock Your Potential with Zherpa Memberships

Access exclusive content, personalized training, and a vibrant community to achieve your goals.


Each plan is designed to meet the needs of each organization & Users

Why Choose Zherpa?

Zherpa Individual Plan for Users
The Zherpa Individual Plan offers access to selected resources and content, allowing users to participate in community discussions and networking plus applying to any job on the platform. It includes basic support to assist with any issues and provide updates. FREE forever for the first 1000 users.
Business Plans for Small to Large Companies

Zherpa's business plans cater to companies of all sizes, offering comprehensive access to all courses, detailed analytics, and personalized training sessions. With the Manaslu Plan for small teams, the K2 Plan for medium-sized companies, and the Everest Plan for large organizations, businesses can benefit from tailored support, executive coaching, and advanced collaboration tools.

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Unlock your potential and transform your business with Zherpa's memberships. Whether you are a small team or a large enterprise, our tailored solutions and expert support will help you achieve your goals. Choose the plan that fits your needs and start your journey to success today.
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Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan later?
Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan if your business needs a change. Please contact support to proceed with this request. 
Is there a free trial available for any of the plans?

We have a 15 day free trial for all of our business plans, Manaslu, K2 and Everest. You'll need to enter your payment details and we'll only charge you when the 15 days are over. 

How can I get personalized training for my team?
Personalized training is available with the K2 and Everest plans, tailored to your business needs. Contact us for more information about personalized training and solutions. 
What payment options do you offer?
We accept various payment methods including credit cards and debit cards, and offer monthly and annual subscription options.
How can I contact Zherpa for more information?
You can reach out to us via email at, phone, or through the contact form on our website for any inquiries.
Why is it more cost-effective to buy the annual plan instead of the monthly plan?
Purchasing an annual plan saves businesses the cost of two months, offering significant savings over the monthly plan.