Token Zherpa ZHT & PoK (Proof of Knowledge)

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Token Zherpa

The Zherpa Token and PoK within the Zherpa platform: Concept and justification of its creation.

Technologies of the Zherpa platform:
1. AI 

2. ZOHO Apps
3. Blockchain 
4. Zherpa Token & POK 

Each technology has specific applications and work together to enhance the Zherpa platform.

Artificial Intelligence 

Zhai Ai
Graphical representation of ZHAI created by ChatGPT

ZHAI is a prominent development within Artificial Intelligence at Zherpa and Zoho. It functions as a Master Consultant that assists users with inquiries and information related to the Zherpa project, searches on the platform, and recommendations on how to optimize the use of Zoho. This technology offers incredible possibilities to support users of the Zoho ecosystem in continuous learning, leveraging resources for growth, and optimizing tools for businesses.

Graphical representation of ZHAI created by ChatGPT ZHAI is also the engine for badge allocation to users on the Zherpa platform, searching resumes, sending messages to motivate learning, among many other tasks.


The ecosystem of ZOHO apps
ZOHO offers a complete suite of tools that cover all the operational needs of a business. The integration of Zherpa with the subscriber company's Zoho accounts allows for additional services such as publishing and managing job vacancies through Zoho Recruit, connection for reviewing goal and objective compliance, and tracking courses and training for employees and collaborators. Additionally, badges and recognitions are awarded based on the collaborators' knowledge, among other functionalities in development to improve user loyalty and integration with the hiring company.


Blocks within the Blockchain
Blockchain is fundamental in Zherpa, enabling the decentralization of the Community. An example is the allocation of badges that will determine the Zherpa's level: Novice, Beginner, Expert, and Master.

All users start with the Novice badge and will progress as they are awarded other badges anonymously by higher-level users chosen at random through artificial intelligence and the use of smart contracts.

The Zherpa level is an important and multiplying factor in the concept of PoK (Proof of Knowledge) necessary for calculating the provider's or collaborator's remuneration as the case may be.

The formula is: PoK = Lv * Ic * W/t

  • Lv is the coefficient based on the Zherpa level.
  • Ic is the Technological Innovation multiplier.
  • W is the work done.
  • t is the time taken to complete the proposed work (W).

This formula allows each user to be rewarded according to their knowledge and efficiency. Thanks to Blockchain, this activity is carried out in a decentralized, transparent, and efficient manner.

PoKs are necessary to determine the ZHT to be paid for a certain activity or to provide rewards and incentives in ZHT for good performance or to encourage users to improve their knowledge. (It is important to note that PoKs can also be exchanged for gift cards, rewards, concert tickets, or other rewards based on the collaborator's efficiency and what companies want to provide to increase the loyalty and recognition of their collaborators).

Another example of Blockchain applications is the creation of the Zherpa token ZHT.

Token Zherpa (ZHT) 

Our Main Solution: 

As a Premium Partner of Zoho, we faced challenges with "Hour Packages," such as variability in service quality, loss of unused hours by the client, and the fact that these "hours" cannot be transferred to another service provider if the client is not satisfied, among other problems. To overcome these challenges, we developed the Zherpa Token (ZHT), which digitizes the hour packages and allows for more flexible and transparent use of them. The ZHT tokens enable the exchange of services, knowledge, and other resources within the Zherpa Community in a more efficient and equitable manner.

POK Integration within the $ZHT Ecosystem

The ZHT not only simplifies the transaction of services but also allows for the integration of the PoK (Proof of Knowledge) concept. This approach uses artificial intelligence and smart contracts to validate and reward the knowledge and efficiency of service providers as well as users of an organization. The formula PoK = Lv * Ic * W/t calculates the contribution of the provider and/or user based on their Zherpa level (Lv), technological innovation (Ic), work done (W), and time taken (t). This allows each service provider and/or user to be adequately rewarded based on their applied knowledge and efficiency in their tasks.

The implementation of PoK in the ZHT system not only encourages continuous learning and professional development among users but also promotes a collaborative and meritocratic community where knowledge and efficiency are clearly valued and rewarded.

"Delivering Knowledge, Delivering Power"



Several of the applications mentioned here are still in lab and testing and/or development and are therefore not yet available to all users of the Zherpa platform.


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